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AU: Your jealous boyfriend, Luke, locks Michael away in a box after he catches him flirting with you the day before.


The 12 Zodiac Signs Sense of Humor: Quick Reference GuideAries: Goofy, physical humor comes most naturally. These are some of the top mimics in the Zodiac! But they are also known to be quite witty out of the blue.
Taurus: Observational humor. They are usually unintentionally hilarious, and can take a step back and laugh at themselves too!
Gemini: Quick on the uptake, they remember jokes really well and can laugh at just about anything, This sign is most prone to making fun of someone, but not in a mean way, it's usually because they're interested.
Cancer: This sign has an endearing self-deprecating way of being funny. As simple as a silly facial expression or pretending to be serious when they're not.
Leo: This sign tends to take everything in around them and deliver it verbally with a bit of exaggeration that not only is hilarious, but leaves you wanting to hear more. They know when they have you hooked, too.
Virgo: The pissed, but not pissed, complaining, but not complaining, snarky wit about people and their lives is usually very humorous and entertaining.
Libra: A little strife and sarcasm send Libra going a long way! Once they lose the cool exterior and start, there's no stopping their story telling humor.
Scorpio: Sarcasm all the way. Comments here, comments there; it's borderline rude, borderline passive aggressive, but funny nonetheless!
Sagittarius: Everything in life can be turned into some hilarious experience. A combination of observational humor, sarcasm, and exaggeration is where it's at for this sign.
Capricorn: The no smile facade lives here. This sign can keep a straight face until they start laughing at themselves with a sharp uptake on what's happening.
Aquarius: Just naturally funny. They don't really try to be a joke teller or anything. Often times they're bewildered that they're being funny and start laughing right along with the others.
Pisces: This sign ranges from cute storytelling to down right obnoxious. They milk it too, taking all the time they need to have your attention and make you laugh.

maitoucan asked → Luke’s laugh or Calum’s laugh


Today my boyfriend bought a label maker

1 + 7 = 17the age that all the bands seems to be singing about, the age where you’re so close to maturity yet can still get away with murder, the age where you’re the least vulnerable yet most desperate.

ONE: Girls - The 1975 // TWO: This is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco // THREE: Norgaard - The Vaccines // FOUR: One Night in October - The Jungle Giants // SIX: Alone Together - Fall Out Boy // SEVEN: Harlem - New Politics // EIGHT: Dancing On My Own - Robyn // NINE: You’re Not the One - Sky Ferreira // TEN: Lonely Hearts Club - Marina and the Diamonds // ELEVEN: Anna Sun - WALK THE MOON // TWELVE: 6AM - Fitz & The Tantrums // THIRTEEN: On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons // FOURTEEN: (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To - Weezer // FIFTEEN: Itchin’ On a Photograph - Grouplove // SIXTEEN: Social Casualty - 5 Seconds of Summer // SEVENTEEN: The Youth - MGMT


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Louis, Niall, Stan & Lottie - Tomlinson Wedding 7/20/14




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